Asalamuilkum dear brothers and sisters,


Although we have bills to deal with pertaining the new construction, we have also turned our attention to starting our programs. What better way than to start, is with information. We, most of the time, are voiceless. We are planing to launch two newspapers  and a magazine. 


One newspaper will be called, Side by Side, this will be a paper for the greater community; Inter-faith, community issues, Islam’s take on different issues to the greater public, misconceptions…etc . 


The second paper, called Sajideen (the ones who prostrate), this will be for Muslims, our issues, teachings, explanation of different aspects of religion.


The magazine, will be called Criterion (Furqan). This will deal with in-depth issues affecting us as Muslims and many other aspects of thought and religion. 


Our managing editor, brother Juan Carlos, is a publishing professional with almost 30 years of experience.

We have asked over 70 people to partake in this endeavour from all over. If you know someone that you think might be capable of writing, reporting, or helping with graphic design, pass this news along.  The more the better. If you think you need to say something, feel free to contact us at We need a large team of people. More updates will follow as we plan to bring the first edition out before Ramadan, inshAllah. 


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