Muhammad Islamic Institute

Muhammad Islamic Institute is a learning branch of the Centre for Islamic Development. The name stems from one of our beloved brothers, Dr. Mohammed AlGamdi, who had blessed our community in the 1990s. His love for the Quran and its language left permanent tracks of thirst in the hearts of the Muslims. As he passed one day, he remarked, looking at the old centre, that, “people will one day come out at university level.” At that time the statement was heard and admired but it seemed unrealistic. 

As time passed and after the building of our new centre, this statement made more sense and is becoming a reality. We are planning to offer myriad courses pertaining to different parts of Islamic sciences.

As our aim is not to make money but to develop educated, balanced, and humble individuals; hence, we are trying to make many courses free or for a small amount in order to keep our staff paid.

The more donation we receive, the more courses we can offer, the more teachers we can hire. The idea is to produce scholars that are erudite and God fearing, kind and humble, insofar as they raise the awareness of  our future communities. We do understand that we need to have sustainable courses but due to so many organizations charging massive sums for basic Islamic education, in turn, we lack quality  scholarship and an educated population.  We are taking this untrodden road, not knowing where it will lead, wishing success from the Almighty. 

Education is a right for all but all Muslims must understand that proper Islamic education is a must. We live in times where violence, crime, moral corruption, etc  is a given; proper teaching becomes obligatory–plain, simple.

A Philosopher once quoted, ” Whoso neglects learning in his youth, Loses the past and is dead for the future. “

Muhammad Islamic Institute is the learning base, a foundation to grow from. May Allah bring forth generations that have intellectual rigour, spiritual stamina, and an ethical fibre to face the daunting challenges ahead, Ameen. 



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