Media Watch


Media watch is crucial to our dignity and safety. We as Muslims have to expose the inconsistencies, double standards, subtle to overt incitement to hate, bigotry and obvious hypocrisy of media. Many marginalized communities have gone through the same kind of negative propaganda and its consequences on people; namely the Aboriginals, African Americans, Chinese, Jews,Korean, Acadians and many more. Now the winds of hate have shifted to the Muslims; it is the same playbook.

We at CID Media Watch will tirelessly work to uncover the hate and fear-mongering of Muslims. In a free society, double standards from the 24 hour double-speak Media should be truncated with proof of their fallacious nature of reporting. We will keep speaking in the face of the glut of inaccurate and outright erroneous”news.”

Our wish is to live in peace and harmony and not live under the threat of taunts and persecution.

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