Food for Thought
May 21, 2014

Stop! Not one more bomb that shatters the tranquility of life, demolishes a safe and happy home that decimates even a modicum of well-being, and bewilders the human and draws them closer to the brink of insanity.


How do we humans allow ourselves, having been given a sense of false moral justification, to bomb our own kind, thinking furtively that their pain is not like our pain, their suffering is not like our suffering, their sorrow is not like our sorrow, and their tears do not match the warmth of our tears?
How do we plunge ourselves into the abyss of this irrational and indifferent thought? It was someone who said that it is not the greatest of crimes to hate people but to be indifferent to them.


As a free society do we aver our beliefs that humans should be distinguished, and the objects of adoration, or held in contempt based solely on the color of their passports or which citizenship they possess.


In time not long gone by, people were subjugated to cruel, demeaning and heartless acts which made them feel unloved, uncared for, and most of all, empty–powerless. Societies came to their senses, after marring the lives of millions of people for hundreds of years to say “Never again” to slavery, subjugation and submissiveness of other human beings based on the colors of their skin, the wideness of their noses or the thickness of their accents.


The Holy Koran states: “The most honored of you in the sight of God is the one who is most righteous.” This verse eradicates any notion of superiority of one human being over another based on any material consideration, or any class status but rather it honors the one who is most righteous in the sight of God. This is a solution to racism because one cannot buy righteousness; it has to be cultivated and worked upon, not handed to anyone based on preference or lineage.


Have we forgotten our past and all the crimes that took place, rendering mankind speechless as to how far a human being can fall from grace and perpetrate unheard of atrocities on its own kind?


In these times we pontificate the loftiness of democracy and render it void of meaning, a vacuous statement to the ones who are supposed to receive “enlightenment” by a 20,000 pound bomb that does not discriminate between cement and flesh, between steel and bones and between a “surgical strike” and the smiles of children. How sick have we become- where are the spiritual doctors?


How far have we fallen as humans that we cannot fathom the feelings and natural sensitivities of our own kind? Everyone on earth thinks that they will live forever and somehow forget that life is but a number of days and every day that passes, the number decreases and life becomes shorter and shorter. Those who want to amass more than they will ever need to use should know, that as each day passes there are fewer days to spend the wealth at hand and maybe much more reckoning in days to come. Is it not stated that the ones who have more shall have more accountability?


Bombs do not further the cause of a free society, nor do they instill the love of democracy. By bombs, we have killed millions of people to make sure they know the word democracy in its full capacity and all of its ramifications.


The poor, the haggard and the weary might comprehend democracy to mean, death of their loved ones, destruction of their homes, usurpation of their lands and resources, and most of all democracy may mean to these downtrodden people a total disregard of their human dignity and worth of life.
Democracy cannot be elevated by crude and savage bombs or by polished and prepared speeches to mesmerize the masses but perchance, if democracy was truly intended, then maybe I suggest that we start by sincere dialogue, sending loving teachers rather than angry troops, giving genuine respect rather than empty promises, and most of all, a hand up rather than hands up.


And no more bullets! How many more shall die for nothing other than someone’s avarice, greed and thirst for power?
A poisonous bullet that penetrates the flesh of a human leaving him or her lifeless and at best, crippled for life. What would you do if you were the victim of a shiny bullet, having done nothing to be shot except that you were a helpless victim, in a wrong time–wrong place–wrong reason? Would you grow in forgiveness or revel in bitterness? When one is not under the threat of bombs and bullets, it might be easy to watch the evening news while eating a favorite meal, without flinching at these horrid and despicable injustices carried out in front of ones eyes. And of course, the media spin would be that we are defending freedom and advancing the cause of democracy.


Have you ever seen what a bullet does to human flesh? Have you seen a child’s soft and heart-wrenching tears like the dew on roses when she loses her beloved father? One moment she could be in a loving embrace, feeling joyful of that furtive moment with her father, and next, because of a shiny bullet, made by people who “bring good things to life”, sees her beloved father carried to his grave. This marks the beginning of her bitter years to come, loss of the tenderness of her Dad, and the embrace of an uncertain future.
Should this girl, faceless and nameless, and countless like her, never be given care because she is of a different soil? The story might be reported in our “free” media if it is convenient to help the spin, if not, then this girl does not exist nor does her heart wrenching tragedy.


We continue to pay more for lawn care than human care. Someone in Africa eats a cookie made from mud, oil and flour and yet we live as though we are the owners of our destiny and somehow we have made it because of our hard work. And those that suffer, they are just not smart enough? Have we become so self-wrapped, consumed by our self-importance?


We should stop our investment in apparatuses that kill and maim human beings; rather we should invest in homes and humanity. We, the people of a free society, are slowly losing our freedom in the name of a nebulous and concocted enemy, all the while under the guise of keeping us “safe and secure”. It was Benjamin Franklin that stated to this effect, that one who forgoes their civil liberties in the name of security is not deserving of either.


We can no longer as human beings stay silent and we shall say, “No more!” to killing of innocent humans and destruction of their property. To keep silent, dumb, and ambivalent to human suffering is a moral crime.


YES, we want freedom for all but not by the deaths of many! We want neither bombs nor bullets. A better world for all must be sought before the truculence, the belligerence and the viciousness of the greed of a few draws us closer to collapse of civilization.


So let it be written that I stand in solidarity with my human brothers and sisters to restore our common dignity and return us back to being and acting like caring humans. Let us build bridges not walls.


Zia Khan

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